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wedding reception at jacuzzi winery

Wedding guests dancing during wedding reception at Jacuzzi winery in Sonoma,CA. Great wedding DJ or an entertaining band is a must have at any wedding. Most wedding goers love to dance and great music at a wedding is one of the factors contributing to an unforgettable event. Not everyone wants to invest in an 7 piece band, so DJ is the most popular option for entertainment at weddings. Wedding DJ is supposed to not only play great dancable music but also should be a great MC. Making seamless announcements takes practice and experience and is not as simple as most think. Dj needs to use correct sentences, not mess up anybody's names and use as few words as possible to remain in the background and not drive to much attention to him/herself. After the vows are taken, the casual conversation of cocktail is concluded, once the last bites are eaten and the last speeches are made then it’s the DJ’s time to shine. The knowledge of music and ability to seamlessly blend, transition, and mix track into track, to play a great set of dance music trying to cross different age groups and styles to make everyone feel included are all important.

Location: Sonoma, CA.

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