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sonoma ranch style wedding

Cowboy hats and cowboy boots are a must when you're planning a ranch style wedding. This wedding party was so fun to photograph. I loved the bridesmaids' short yellow dresses and white wedding bouquets. Perfect style choice for historical Sonoma,CA. A ranch style wedding can really be whatever you want to make it, but the most memorable ones combine the simplicity of the venue with exquisite touches. TYou can even make a ranch style wedding an elegant one. Take a look at the surroundings, and you’re bound to find loads of natural beauty in the wildflowers, the wood accents, and stunning greenery. To dress these elements up for a ranch style wedding, consider using these already existing decorations and adding a sophisticated touch to them. Shrubs and greenery look fabulous when paired with draped fabric or twinkle lights, and this helps to add to the whimsical nature of the event.

Location: Sonoma, CA.

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