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Groom's getting ready

Although groom's getting ready is less elaborate than bride's getting ready it is also important and certain planning and preparation is required. Most important thing is to be on time! Tell your groomsmen to arrive early, so they are ready for the getting-ready photos and can actually be helpful during your getting ready. When the photographer arrives everyone should have pants and shirts on. Other items, such as cufflinks, belts, tie/bowties, and shoes,.should be easily accessible. From a photographer's perspective, it is great when the groom has gifts for the bride and the groomsmen, handwritten notes, custom items etc. Also, it makes the getting ready special if the father, uncle, or grandfather of the groom is present for getting ready photos prior to the ceremony. It allows the photographer to capture heartfelt moments between the groom and special male figures in his life. It is best for the groom to get ready in a well-lit room that is big enough for photos of him and the groomsmen. with some room to maneuver. I love capturing the groom's portraits by a window, like in the photo above.

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