Laura and Matt were such a joy to work with! From the initial call, I knew we would be a perfect match! I was so honored they chose me to photograph their wedding!

There are so many amazing photos I’d like to share with you, but just a few below will give you an idea of how great their wedding was! Laura and Matt decided not to see each other prior to the ceremony, but instead, the lovely bride did the “first look” with her bridesmaids. It turned out so wonderful! Full of emotions and excitement!! I absolutely loved photographing it! For those who are not sure what first look exactly is (yes! most of the grooms-to-be have no idea!:)) has a great article covering this subject including the pros and cons of having one. I also included a short definition on my FAQ page.

As you can see by the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, it is safe to say those big weddings are finally back in 2021, and wedding vendors absolutely love it!

The most photos I included in this post are bride and groom portraits, which are my absolute favorite to photograph! The portraits are done somewhere away from the guests so the couple doesn’t get distracted and they act more naturally when not being “watched” by 100+ guests. After all the attention the couple receives during the ceremony, they are happy to step away for some alone time (minus the photographer, of course!:)). Taking candid photos that capture personality is my goal for the couple’s portrait session and creating those gorgeous, natural poses is easy when my clients trust me and when they are having a good time!

bride and bridesmaids first look
I love how excited these ladies are to see their friend in her gorgeous wedding dress!
first look between bride and bridesmaids
First look between bride and bridesmaids
indoor wedding venue
ring bearers' outfits
Arent’ these boys the cutest!?
candid groomsmen capture
candid bridesmaids photo
bride and her tribe
large wedding party
bride being walked down the aisle by her father
first kiss with wedding guests in the background capture
The bride requested this photo and I am so glad she did! It turned out great! Thank you to the officiant who moved to the side quickly enough and made this photo possible!
newlyweds walking under grape arbor
I love taking photos of the bride and groom walking. They always look so natural!
romantic sunset photo session
golden hour portrait of bride and groom
I love this amazing light! Golden hour at it’s finest!
candid photo of wedding couple kissing
I told the bride not to let him kiss her. It turned out so cute!!!
raleigh, nc wedding photographer
Such a romantic setting! I love this location so much!
timeless wedding photographer raleigh, nc

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