bridal flowers for romantic brides

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bridal flowers for romantic brides

You’re elated. You’re on cloud nine. You didn’t know anyone could ever feel this happy.

Your partner, best friend, and love of your life has just popped the question. You’re officially engaged and ready to start planning the rest of your life with the person of your dreams. Step 1 of planning is the wedding. 

With a nickname like “the big day”, is it really surprising that planning a wedding ends up a nerve-wracking process? The pressure is on to plan the perfect occasion that will “wow” your friends and family and leave your party the talk of the town. This naturally pushes quite a bit stress onto the wedding planners themselves – typically the brides. Don’t worry if you’re fretting about planning a great day for your guests! Take a look at some tips to find a bit of Zen amidst the chaos. 

Don’t worry – wedding planning does not have to be a stress-fest. The following tips will allow you to plan your big day while keeping your sanity intact:

Join a wedding planning website

There a ton of free resources out there that will help you plan your big day without the stress. Websites like Zola offer multiple wedding planning tools like helpful to-do checklists, personalized wedding websites, guest list managers, seating charts, gift registries, and invitation designs. Joining one of these sites will help you tackle some of the most important aspects of wedding planning – even the ones that you haven’t thought of yet! 

Be honest with your vendors

Your vendors are the ones who will be responsible for making your big day magical – but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. To do their jobs right and give you your dream wedding, they need you to be honest with them about your expectations, ideas, desires, and budget. You need to feel comfortable being open and honest with them about what you want, and they can be honest with you about what you can and can’t make work on your budget. 

Make sleep a priority for your overall health

It is vital that you get enough quality sleep leading up to your wedding. Without a good night’s sleep, your mind and body will feel defeated and you will experience mood swings, elevated stress levels, memory loss, mental fogginess, and depression. To keep your mood up, your mind sharp, and your head in the game, make getting enough sleep a major priority. 

Hit the gym

Finally, you might consider hitting the gym to help reduce your stress levels. Physical activity is a great way to work through worry and come up with innovative solutions to whatever worries are on your mind. Take a trip the gym a few times a week and sweat the anxiety out. 

Always have a “Plan B” 

Life is not perfect – there will be things go awry. Being prepared for worst-case scenarios, like the weather turning on you, will give you peace of mind leading up to your wedding and help you roll with the punches if something goes wrong.

Planning for your wedding day will cause you to confront some hectic situations and, unfortunately, many couples find themselves lost in the chaos and stress. Thankfully, with the tips provided above you can combat and reduce feelings of stress and maintain your well-being while you plan for your big day.

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